These terms must be approved by anyone wishing to obtain a hosting from 3Stores
  • It is forbidden to host websites that contain anything that violates the provisions of Islamic law.
  • It is forbidden to host websites that contain what is contrary to public literature.
  • It is forbidden to host websites that contain materials that incite crime and terrorism.
  • The hosting of sites that are exposed to the divine religions is prohibited.
  • It prevents hosting websites that contain ridicule from countries, institutions and people.
  • It is prohibited to host websites that contain pornographic material whatsoever.
  • It is forbidden to host websites that contain songs and clips.
  • It is forbidden to host sites that contain pictures of artists and tell them.
  • It is forbidden to host websites that contain Arabic and foreign films, whatever.
  • Prevents web hosting that displays files in hacking uses.
  • Prevents the use of regular hosting to distribute free spaces to Internet users.
  • Prevents use of the hosting space for backups.
  • Prevents use of spam messages and spam messages for users.
  • Customer has the right to refund the hosting fee for 30 days if the service is not satisfied due to our failure.
  • No information from your personal information will be disclosed to us when you use the service, even if you terminate the contract.
  • You are responsible for paying all service charges and additional charges resulting from your use of the Service.
  • The customer is drowning before the renewal of service charges.
  • You are not entitled to any payment of fees due to use such as trafic and excess consumption of the service.
  • In the case of late payment or payment of monthly or annual hosting fees, the company is entitled to suspend the site from work.
  • If more than 30 days have elapsed after the end of service with us and not renewing the service, you are not entitled to claim any data or any attachments.
  • In the event that the grace period for renewing the hosting is over, then a payment of 500 LE will be paid first before receiving the application.
Regards to the management of 3Stores

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